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Beneficial Medication System in Washington, DC

Find the solutions you're looking for with the FOER-MEDS medication system from Foer's Pharmacy in Washington, DC. Our impressive system is an alternative to traditional blister and bubble pack methods.

A Plethora of Benefits

The FOER-MEDS medication system offers a variety of benefits for nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, hospitals, and long-term-care facilities, and there are no added costs for you or your residents. Our unique system helps differentiate and grow your business based on safety and efficiency, and it gives the staff more time to care for residents. Plus, its enhanced marketing advantage brings added peace-of-mind.

Medication - Medication System

Count on our FOER-MEDS system for:

• A Safer, More Efficient Way of Dispensing Medications
• Same-Day Delivery on Orders Received by 2:00 p.m.
• Meds Delivered on Move-in Day for New Residents
• Organization of Meds by Patient & Distribution Times
• MARS & Pharmacist Consultant Availability
• Prescription Orders Manually Checked by a FOER-MED Technician before Delivery
• Medication Delivery/Refill on 7- or 14-Day Cycles (Full Credit on Med Changes Mid-Cycle)

• State-of-the-Art Technology That Provides 100% Accuracy for Drug Strength & Counting 
  (10 Times Higher Than the Industry Standard)

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